The Pandemic’s leftovers

A flashmob-photo-action to show what’s going to be left when the pandemic is used to break up with several taboos protecting our personal rights and privacy. No matter if scared people give away their rights by their own choice or not, no matter if they even applaud in a psychotic state of fear being instilled in them when the Big Data Giants are so kind to unselfishly (and also unaskedly – thus needlessly) provide technical solutions to fight the pandemic – to me, it has been unlikely important to create these conceptual photographs.

It’s important to keep an eye on it and it’s about time to wake up and realize what happens with us as a society. It doesn’t even need a conspiracy theory for this. Figure out a totalitarian regime. Inconceivable, nowadays? Just have a look to Hungary. And now figure out what’s possible for them when your privacy is substituted by a glass person.

Look at Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, Trump’s election campaign, the Brexit and what all these things have in common. Look at contemporairy warfare and the way that people being classified as terrorists by algorithms are being eliminated. And stop saying „So what, I’m not a criminal, I have nothing to hide.“ That makes me puke.

Just question your „tolerance“. They are the ones to milk you and you are the stupid cow. They are exploiting the cattle and the cattle is you. As such you are going to be slaughtered since breeding, exploiting and killing the cattle it is the essence of stockbreeding.

Extraordinary gratitude to those who supported the action and became part of the pictures!